5/10/17, 6:24 PM - PETER GILKES: Rather than look for the negative it is time we start to see the positives on this Rock and be proud of those achievements and this is one such case, later this month Barbados will host not one but two International Sailing Worlds events right here in Barbados with the largest entry ever to take part in a sailing event in Barbados with one event having 90 boats and the other having a 147  boats taking part, with hundreds of sailors family and friends coming to the island over the 3 weeks of these two events.

My thanks to Minister Richard Sealy and Senator Irene Sandiford Garner for their  support and support of the BTMI and BTII for making it happen.

          If we look back it will be seen that prior to 2008 this island had no presence in the yachting world and thanks to the enlightened leadership of this political party we have successfully  hosted 4 Barbados Worlds events, rebuilt the Barbados Round The Island Race Series, hosted HRH Prince Edwards Royalist Regata in Barbados on two occasions, hosted the arrival of the Classic Transat Race in 2012 and brought back Transatlantic yachts to Barbados with the Barbados 50 Atlantic Rally that saw 108 yachts make Barbados their arrival destination, and to add to that we have the next three years booked for Barbados International arrivals with our association with the world authority in World Voyages Mr Jimmy Cornell.

          Finn Masters and OK Dinghy Barbados World Championships

         May 25th – June 9th 2017

The Finn Masters and OK Dinghy Barbados World Championships are to be held in Barbados this summer under the direction of the Barbados Sailing Association.        These two world class events have been brought to Barbados by Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. and will be run with assistance from both the Barbados Yacht Club and Barbados Cruising Club. We are currently expecting around 350 sailors and boats spread across both events. The dates of each event are as follows:

       OK Dinghy Barbados World Championships: May 25th to May 31st 2017 Finn Masters Barbados World Championships: June 2nd to June 9th 2017


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