The Hilton Hotel hosted a sold out forum for the “Business is an Adventure Leadership Conference.”  An audience which was diverse in scope and included specially invited students and also the senior officials of both public and private sector entities were on hand. The attendees gathered to gain some insight from business magnate, Sir Richard Branson ( PICTURED ABOVE ) who was fresh off of a Virgin Atlantic’s entrepreneur event series which took place in Seattle. Branson who heads the multinational Virgin Group, which encompasses over four hundred companies is widely recognised for his business acumen and the crowd was captivated with his insight.

         Tourism has always been touted as one of our major attractions for the island and Branson reiterated the view. However while we traditionally believe that our beautiful beaches are the mainstay of the tourism product. He posited the alternative position that it is the lifeforms that reside in those waters that’s also serve to attract visitors to the island.

          The business man who many model their benchmarks after, indicated that our marine environment is one of our selling points and specific attention needs to be paid to that area. “The most important thing you have is tourism and when people come to Barbados they come for the species that are in the oceans off Barbados. He advised “A much greater priority should be put on that.” He continued to make a comparison with Africa whose product is based on land with the presence of lions and elephants. Branson calls for governmental intervention to ensure the protection of our reef and to protecting those species. He recognises the saleability of the experience with the marine life and  appealed to government to safeguard their habitat.

 3rd May 2017 -  Hilton Hotel, Barbados

 “Business is an Adventure Leadership Conference.”