The Democratic Labour Party has embarked on a program to recognise the accomplishments of deserving individuals throughout the constituencies. At a recent awards ceremony for the Christ Church area Prime Minister, the Honourable Freundel Stewart sought to assuage any doubts about his confidence in returning to govern the island. He assured his party is ready, willing and determined to carry on leading the country after the next general election. However he did not speak to when the much anticipated polls will be held.

      Prime Minister Stuart asserted “We are not going to do that by the practice of any conjuring tricks. We don’t have to lie to the population. We don’t need all the tactics that I see being played out from other quarters. All we need to tell the people of Barbados the facts about the record of the Democratic Labour Party and that is what we have been doing.” While the Prime Minister accepts that his administration has been having some challenges he believes that have also been able to produce results. “Those challenges did not prevent us from passing a piece of legislation which the promise of which has been in every manifesto of both major parties since 1971,” he noted. “This government between 2008 and now passed the Employment Rights Act. It did not stop us from passing the Cultural Industries Act, opening a new sector for Barbados to earn foreign exchange in.”

       Some of those who were in winner’s row included tennis player Darian King who has been making an indelible mark in that sport. Veterinary doctor Kyla Murrell and athletes of the St. Michael School Kyle Gale and Seth Edwards were also recipients of awards. DLP General Secretary for the party George Pilgrim promised that similar award ceremonies will also be held throughout other constituencies.

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Saturday 29th April  2017

George Street Auditorium, Democratic Labour Party Headquarters, George Street, St. Michael, Barbados

Pictured below  is

        Prime Minister of Barbados the Hon. Freundel J. Stuart as he Addressed the 62nd Anniversary Gala & Awards Ceremony.

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